Women Buying Real Estate

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If you did not know women buying real estate is growing.  They are one of the top groups that are purchasing real estate today.  Women have concerns that some other groups don’t have such as safety it is a big issue for women.  When I bought my first place it was a condo because it made me feel safer than buying a single family residence.   Now I know about security systems and I feel just as safe buying a home as I would a condo.  Another apprehension of women buyers is the maintenance of the property or buying a fixer up.  You would be surprise by how affordable it is get something fixed.  They have handy man services and do it yourself classes at Home Depot.  As far as buying a fixer upper women are very resourceful.  Do you know there are a lot of men that can’t fix or replace anything in a house?  Don’t let plumbing, electrical or even having a roof replace scare you.  With the recession there are so many qualified professionals out there looking for work and will charge good prices and will do a great job.  They know if they do a good job there is probably more work to follow.  So I say to all the women out there that would like to buy a house and have been waiting on marriage or has just been to afraid to take a leap, JUST DO IT.  The rates are low and the house prices are low, if not now then when.  Remember the bank is not going to allow you to purchase something you can’t afford especially in this lending environment.


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