About Denise Smith / Senior Mortgage Broker

Denise Smith is a full time mortgage broker who has been in the business for a number of years.  She has spent this time educating and guiding her clients along with real estate professionals.  Service is her number one priority which can go a long way in this market.   Customer service is built on trust, respect and your clients knowing that you are looking out for their best benefit.

Over the past years I have arranged a number of loans for clients.  A lot of these clients turned into repeat clients and some turned into great friendships.  I have treated each client with respect and given them the best service.

I initially started  working for Home Savings of America in Torrance, CA in the 90’s.  I stayed a year and then I transitioned into a mortgage broker.  I have remained a mortgage broker ever since.   I really enjoy putting  loans together and helping people achieve the American dream.

I hold a real estate license # 01135486 and a NMLS # 333643.  My license is currently with American Capital Corporation in El Segundo, CA.